Bonding Gutter

Bonding Gutter

Bonding Gutter

Bonding GutterBonding gutter is stocked in JJ Roofing Supplies in many different variations and sizes to suit the boding profile of the intersecting tiles. The purpose of the bonding gutter is to provide a waterproofing seal for two adjoining roofs. In 2023 bonding gutters are predominantly made from hard-wearing GRP. The manufacturer Hambleside Danelaw have really pushed forward quality bonding gutters which allow easy to install, dry-fix connectivity on terraced and semi-detached homes commonly found in the UK.

When purchasing the bonding gutter, it is essential to consider the degree of pitch your boding gutter will sit on. The degree can change the overlap length; I will list correlating degrees with the overlap lengths below:

·         Roof Pitch – Below 22.5 Degrees | 350mm - Overlap

·         Roof Pitch – 22.5 - 29 Degrees | 300mm - Overlap

·         Roof Pitch – 30 – 39 Degrees | 200mm - Overlap

·         Roof Pitch – Over 39 Degrees | 150mm – Overlap

It is also important to note that if installed correctly, the bonding gutters we list below hold a BBA 87 1915 certification, ensuring they have been assessed and approved for their intended purpose. In addition, GRP bonding gutters have a meaningful life expectancy of 30 years.

JJ Roofing Supplies stock a variety of different bonding gutters to suit your needs. Please call 0333 700 1111 or purchase directly from our bonding gutter range below.