Reclaimed Cannon Head Chimney Pots

Reclaimed Cannon Head Chimney Pots

A reclaimed cannon head chimney pot is a type of chimney pot that has been salvaged from an old building or structure and repurposed for use on a new or renovated chimney. The name "cannon head" comes from the pot's shape, which resembles the end of a cannon.

Chimney pots are used to increase the draft of a chimney, improving its performance and reducing the risk of smoke entering a building. They also serve an aesthetic purpose, adding character and interest to a roofline.

Reclaimed chimney pots, such as the cannon head style, are popular with homeowners and architects who appreciate their historical significance and unique appearance. They can add a sense of authenticity and charm to a building while also being environmentally friendly by repurposing materials that might otherwise have gone to waste.

When using a reclaimed chimney pot, ensuring it's in good condition and compatible with your chimney is essential. 

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