Duratech Blinds

Duratech Blinds

Duratech skylight blinds are sleek and stylish window blinds that fit Velux, Fakro and Duratech windows.

They are easy to fit, adjustable and offer superior insulation, whether you're looking for an all-around block-out shade or a more ambient light filter.

The durable designs come in various space styles and colours to match any décor, while thermal performance keeps your living space insulated year-round. No matter what size of window or frame you have, Duratech window blinds provide inexhaustible durability at an affordable price.

Duratech Blackout Blinds

Duratech blackout roof window blinds are designed to block sunlight completely from a room when closed. The blinds have a push-click system to keep them in place and are available in blue, beige, or white with aluminium profiles. Designed to fit all Duratech windows, the blinds are also covered by a two-year guarantee.

Duratech Roller Blinds 

Duratech roller blinds are multiple ranges of exceptional quality roof window blinds at competitive prices suitable for fitting Velux, Fakro, Rooflite and Duratech roof windows. A Scandinavian design with aluminium profiles and a high-quality translucent polyester blind allows light in whilst holding back glare, and they are easy to operate and install. Duratech roller blinds are available in two colours, beige and blue and have a two-year guarantee.

Duratech roller blinds will fit any required window length; all that is required is that you specify the correct window width.

How to choose your window blinds?

  1. Pick a type of blind according to your requirement. Choose between blackout blinds (up to 100% blackout effect- ideal for bedrooms) or roller blinds(high-quality blinds for softly diffused light effect-ideal for living room and home office application)
  2. Choose the right size and colour for your dura tech blackout and roller blinds: Various options are available.
  3. Check the size of your roof window: The type and size information of your window can be found on the data plate on the top of the window sash. The data plate is only visible when the window is open. Specify your window type and choose the corresponding product from the options available.

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