Leadax is the world’s first lead replacement from Cromar Building Products.

Designed to provide the same durability and functionality as lead without the potential harm to health or the environment, this brand new and innovative lead alternative is ideal for all sorts of building projects where in the past lead was the optimal choice.

What Is Leadax?
Lead is a traditional building material, though it's very expensive and even makes your property a target for criminals who want to strip the lead and sell it on. Leadax provides a much more cost-effective and safer solution, without compromising on everything that makes lead such a great building material: price, flexibility, and quality.

Cromar Leadax is also an environmentally-friendly project, completely non-toxic and sustainable, created from recycling PVB (polyvinyl butyral) which is most commonly used in laminated safety glass. Plus, Leadax is the only lead alternative that is certified by KIWA.

At JJ Roofing Supplies we provide competitive prices and fast UK delivery for Leadax, and we’re proud to stock this innovative material alongside other roof solutions from Cromar. You’ll find everything you need to install and maintain your new Leadax roof.

Main advantages of Leadax

  • Leadax is cheaper than lead, and it’s much faster to install, cutting those costs. You’ll find all the kit you need to install Leadax at JJ Roofing Supplies.
  • Much lighter than traditional lead. This makes it easier to work with on your roof. You can install it yourself without having to call a lead roofing expert.
  • Durable with at least a 30 year life expectancy, though with proper maintenance this can be extended.
  • Different colours available for total project customization.
  • Available in longer strips than traditional lead, a much more cost-effective method of covering a whole rooftop or performing repairs.
  • Environmentally friendly - Leadax is actually made from recycled PVB, the material commonly found in laminated glass.

Leadax Rather Than Lead - Installing Leadax

Lead has been traditionally used on roofs to provide excellent waterproof sealing and flexibility that adjusts to movement and weather changes. It’s also used because it typically lasts over 200 years! That’s why Cromar embarked on creating a new innovative product that retains the functions of lead without the dangerous downsides of toxic materials and hefty cost of traditional lead.

Leadax is an innovative product that has many of the same properties as lead and zinc roof flashings. At JJ Roofing Supplies we stock everything you need to easily install Leadax.

You’ll find a variety of Leadax clips, Leadax Rollers, Leadax Scissors and Leadax Sealant, alongside rolls of Leadax at different lengths and sizes. You can also check out our guide on how to easily install Leadax on your own at home. Everything is available for fast UK delivery at competitive prices.

Rollers are used to shape the Leadax around tricky corners, roof tiles, or difficult metal coverings. Likewise, Scissors are used to cut the Leadax into shape - a much easier process than shaping traditional lead. For above-ground masonry, you use fixing clips to attach the Leadax very quickly and securely. Lastly, the sealant is a strong adhesive for affixing the Leadax.


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