Pedestals & Supports

Pedestals & Supports

Do you want a paved terrace that will be simple to install, cost effective, free-draining and compatible with waterproofing membranes? If that’s the case, then JJ Roofing has the perfect products for you in DD Pedestals.

A fully flat upper surface is incorporated into more and more balcony and roof designs now. This enables them to be utilised as leisure areas and service locations which would not have otherwise been possible. This protects areas that might be vulnerable while increasing the yield of the building’s footprint.

From a small scale private balcony project to a garden terrace all the way through a larger industrial platform, DD Pedestals can be used for any project that requires precision and durability. All of the pedestals that we are offering below will be supplied with a fixed head piece. In case slope correction will be required, some additional clip-on-top head pieces can be ordered for security.

Adjustable decking pedestals

Adjustable DD Pedestals have been specifically designed to be used on an irregular floor or base that needs to be levelled to a desired height. The high-quality products you will find below are very competitively priced and superbly functional for laying raised floors as well as under-terrace paving. They can also be used on exhibition spaces, flat roofs, temporary floors and pool surrounds.

The strength and load capacity of these decking pedestals is unparalleled by other brands. Each pedestal support has a load capacity of a 1000 kilograms which means it can be used to install very complicated and heavy structures with minimal fuss. The pedestals range from 30 to 220 millimetres and allow for extra height to be achieved using additional 100-millimetre couplers.

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