Code 7 Lead

Code 7 Lead

Code 7 lead flashing is a thicker type of lead flashing, measuring 3.15mm wide.

It also weighs 35.72kg/m2 and meets the thickness tolerances outlined in BS EN12588. Code 7 lead is a suitable option for pitched and flat roofing. This type of lead flashing is handy in areas with a risk of moss and lichen growth on the roof. It has increased strength and protection compared to Code 6 lead, making it a better option for such scenarios.

Because of its thickness, Code 7 Lead has increased resistance to thermal movement, which means the maximum length of flashing that can be safely used is 1.5 metres. JJ Roofing Supplies offers standard roll lengths of 3 and 6 metres, which can be cut to size.

It's essential to use a lead sealant that allows for thermal expansion and contraction to avoid water ingress and other water damage issues. Additionally, because of the increased thickness of Code 7 lead, it's essential to apply patination oil carefully to the newly laid lead to achieve a great-looking finish before and after the final patina develops.

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