Ladders are needed for any work where extra height is required, and safety is a top issue. They are made of durable, sturdy materials and are intended to be safe for household and commercial purposes. Every housing project has a ladder to enable simple and secure access to awkward inside or outside locations. 

At JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock loft ladders, extension ladders, combination ladders, platforms and ladder accessories.

Loft ladders

Loft ladders provide a practical method of entering any attic while maximising the available space. We have a variety of folding, slide, two and three-part loft ladders appropriate for various environments, and we offer both aluminium and timber versions. In addition, we offer an extensive selection of ladders for sale; choose the one that fits your needs.

Extension Ladders

At JJ Roofing Supplies, we offer Werner Box Section Triple Extension Ladder, an extremely durable 9m ladder that can be fully extended to either 8.53 metres or 5.76 metres. These extension ladders are a perfectly suitable option for professional contractors because they are very lightweight without sacrificing strength–they have an impressive load capacity of 150 kilograms. 

Combination Ladders

A combination ladder can be used as a single, extension or stairwell ladder. Werner 3 Way Combination Ladder is a safe, sturdy, versatile 3 in 1 ladder. When closed to a stepladder, the height reaches 1.86m and can be extended to a standard ladder with a height of 2.74m. In addition, the ladder has a unique adjustment capability for usage on stairs.


With a larger surface area to work on than a step ladder or a hop-up work platform when working at a height, our platforms are perfect for use at low levels. They are also more stable than other ladders working at lower heights, giving you the balance and confidence needed to finish the job more quickly. To ensure your safety, they include a sizable work platform and guardrails. 

Ladder Accessories

If you hop on the ladders pretty often or use them for daily home improvement tasks, you may find a variety of helpful ladder accessories on our online or in-store.

Whether you're working on your roof or cleaning out your gutters, our roof hooks will assure your stability and safety. Additionally, we provide a selection of ladder clamps and ladder mats. Check out the many ladder accessories available now.

Which type of ladder is best for home use?

Your best bet is A-frame ladders (also known as step ladders), which are tall enough to reach most ceiling heights without the need to lean against a wall for support.

Can you install a loft ladder yourself?

If the loft ladder were at ground level, installing it would be a straightforward do-it-yourself project. However, you must consider your knowledge, tools, and experience before installing one yourself. Nothing can stop you if you have all these things and the motivation to install one yourself.

For further information and product advice, call our roofing specialists at 0333 700 1111 or email 

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