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Velux Flat Roof Window

Velux Flat Roof Window

Velux is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of windows, specializing in roof windows, flat roof windows, and sun tunnels.

They’ve been a strong market leader for decades and experts and DIY folk alike have come to associate the Velux name with top-quality windows.

Roof windows are a must-have for homes that don’t have access to a traditional window, and work particularly well in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen.

At JJ Roofing Supplies we supply Velux Flat Glass Rooflights and roof windows for unbeatable prices and fast UK delivery. We pride ourselves on being a customer-centric construction material delivery company, focused on getting you the best materials as quickly as we can.

The Velux Flat Roof Window Collection
Velux manufactures high-quality flat glass roof windows  and rooflights, plus a range of windows that have extras and upgrades across the board. At JJ Roofing Supplies we stay on top of changing roofing trends, and as expert roofers ourselves, we can recommend Velux as a top choice for your upcoming roof window project.

Velux Flat Rooflight is a stylish option for any traditional or contemporary home, offers excellent energy efficiency, and can be fitted with a fixed or electric opening. Their excellent at creating ambient light and opening up smaller, darker rooms. They’re also a great option when a traditional window isn’t a possibility.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a flat roof window:

  • How easy the window is to clean
  • How easy the window is to open
  • Is it energy efficient?

The reason Velux are leading the pack when it comes to flat roof windows is because their flat rooflight has a surface specially designed for easy cleaning, a system that can be fitted which allows you to open the window electronically, and a PVC frame that insulates your window keeping the hot air in, and the cold air out.

Benefits of Choosing A Respected Brand Like Velux

Glass windows are the best choice for a roof window - glass is designed to last and reacts well to temperature change throughout the year. PVC insulation on all Velux windows guarantees that - if the window is properly fitted - you’ll have a well-insulated room year round, and plenty of exterior noise reduction.

These windows are also suitable for different rooms around the house, whether it be the bathroom, living room or kitchen. It should be noted that proper installation is crucial. Skylights are prone to leaks and over time condensation can build up on the glass - not only does this lead to gradual water damage, but it can reduce the amount of light coming through the window.

If you’re concerned about properly installing a Velux rooflight, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the best way to install a roof window, and we supply all the tools and materials you’ll need to make sure you get a professional finish.

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