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Bitumen Roof Sheets

Bitumen Roof Sheets

Bitumen roof sheets are an important part of many roofing projects.

These sheets are used primarily for waterproofing on both domestic and commercial rooftops. They’re a useful cover to protect the roof during construction, protecting the underlayer and building structure from weather and water damage.

Bitumen is used as a roofing material as a modern alternative to more traditional materials and you’ll see it across stables, garages and sheds, as well as other buildings and outbuildings. Roof sheets are made from a combination of fibres and then covered in bitumen which helps create a durable and waterproof cover.

Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock a range of different bitumen sheeting for your upcoming roofing project. We offer competitive prices and fast 2-3 UK delivery, plus if you want to find out more about bitumen sheeting or how it might fit your next project, you can always contact us. We’re happy to help, just as if you were in one of our shops.

Types of Bitumen Roof Sheets at JJ Roofing Supplies

First up is the Coroline bitumen roof sheets. These are designed and manufactured by Ariel Plastics who also specialize in a range of other roofing products. They’re lightweight and corrugated, great for water runoff with built-in passages for the water to run into an external gutter system. Next up is the Clear Amber corrugated Bitumen roofing sheet, as well the fixings you’ll need to properly install the roof and ridge tiles for pitched roofs.

Benefits of Corrugated Bitumen Roof Sheets

Bitumen corrugated sheets are affordable and cost-effective. They’re extremely waterproof, provide great acoustic soundproofing, and work well as insulation. This is why you’ll commonly find bitumen sheeting on agricultural buildings, outdoor workspaces such as sheds, and garages.

Bitumen roof sheeting is also very durable with high tensile strength - they won’t crack or warp like other flat roof membranes and coverings. Properly installed you can expect a bitumen roof to last up to 20 years through all sorts of weather conditions, including snow, hail and ice.

Proper installation of a bitumen roof, whether its self-adhesive or fixed to the roof with fixings, mean that the cover is usually seamless. Whereas other roofing alternatives might have gaps and cracks where moisture and heat can enter or escape bitumen is proofed against these disadvantages.

However, there are one or two drawbacks that should be considered: bitumen roofing is primarily black, which means the roof will often absorb rather than reflect heat. You can improve their heat performance by including granules in the installation process.

Likewise, without proper drainage on the flat roof water build-up can age and warp bitumen sheeting prematurely. It’s wise to take proper precautions when planning the drainage for the roof, including internal or external drainage systems or flat roof outlets.

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