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Handmade Clay Plain Tiles

Handmade Clay Plain Tiles

Handmade clay reclaimed plain tiles have been used on properties all over the UK and Europe for hundreds of years, meaning their longevity is guaranteed and proven. Additionally, clay reclaimed roof tiles can withstand even the harshest weather conditions thanks to their sturdy waterproof surface.

JJ Roofing offers a broad selection of high-quality roof tiles to best suit your aesthetic needs. Handmade clay plain tiles are renowned for their long-lasting resilience and classic rustic appearance, allowing them to seamlessly transport any building back in time with an eye-catching traditional look that suits its local environment. 

Our wide range of colours ensures you have the ability to select a terracotta or other shades based on preference, so trust us when it comes to selecting the right tile choice - we’ve got you covered!

JJ Roofing Supplies offers handmade clay tiles in Brown, Red and Terracotta colours. All these clay roof tiles are available in a sand-faced and smooth finish. 

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