Cure It GRP

Cure It GRP

Cure It is a revolutionary manufacturer of flat waterproof roofing that is easy to install and comes with a 20 year material guarantee.

GRP, or glass reinforced plastic, is a composite material made out of glass fibres and uses either polyester, vinyl, or epoxy as the polymer which holds it all together.

Sometimes a flat roof is necessary, either due to build limitations or planning permission - historically, flat roofs do not fare well in poor weather, as water pools on the top of the roof and causes long-term damage. Cure It is at the forefront of flat rooftop technology and has designed fibreglass rooftops that survive even the harshest rains and winters. JJ Roofing Supplies delivers everything you need to install a Cure It roof right to your door.

The Benefits of a Flat Fibreglass Roof

Cure It’s fibreglass roofing solutions are still a modern innovation. In the past, felt and rubber were used to create flat roofs and they were a common site on temporary buildings. Cure It’s modern fibreglass is much more durable than its outdated counterparts and easier to install. Generally, a Cure It roof has a 20 year guarantee, though with professional installation you can expect it to last longer.

The crucial difference between fibreglass roofing from Cure It and a more basic rubber or felt roof is the cost. Fibreglass is more expensive, but if you value the integrity of your roof and want durability for years to come, there’s no better choice than a modern Cure It roof.

GRP roofing is also far more flexible than rubber or felt when it comes to construction projects. Due to its versatility and how easy it is to mould to different shapes, a Cure It roof can be installed on a variety of different rooftops.

To get started with your own flat rooftop project, order the supplies from JJ Roofing and have them delivered to your door for competitive market prices.

Unique Roofing Innovations from Cure It

Cure It rooftops are at the forefront of GRP tech, providing their trademark Duraflex technology to recommend waterproof resin coverage and material durability. New bonding techniques with a variety of material mixes mean the rooftops are more flexible than many in the industry, perfect for large scale building projects and to fix up smaller domestic issues.

Additonally, Cure It GRP roofing is designed to be installed year-round, in temperatures as low as 0c. Thanks to the complex combination of materials and a tried and tested approach, Cure It can guarantee that their roof solutions won’t balk in the face of a hot summer or testingly cold winter. Ideal for fast solutions and makes sure you get a roof when you need one. For fast delivery and competitive prices, order your roof materials at JJ Roofing Supplies.

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