Ariel Plastics Corotherm

The Corotherm roofing sheets by Ariel Plastics are a versatile and lightweight solution for various roofing and glazing applications. Though they can be used for a range of projects, our customers most commonly use these roofing sheets for their canopies, verandas, carports, and greenhouses.

And it’s easy to see why. They are very strong, impact-resistant, and fire-safe. Not only that, but the clear nature of these roofing sheets also allows for a maximum amount of daylight to pass through and light up the space beneath while keeping it protected from the unpredictable weather of the UK.

At JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock up on dozens of different Corotherm roofing sheets by Ariel Plastics. That way, we can ensure that no matter what your project’s specific requirements are, there’s a high chance that we have just the right roofing solution for you.

The roofing sheets you’ll come across on this page vary quite greatly in terms of colour, length, width, and thickness. In terms of colour, you’ll find Corotherm roofing sheets in clear, opal, bronze/opal, and bronze.

In regards to length, our sheets range from 1220mm to 6000mm. As far as width is concerned, our sheets range from 610mm to 2100mm. And in terms of thickness, we have roofing sheets as thin as 4mm and as thick as 25mm.

If you’re not quite sure whether any of Ariel Plastics’ Corotherm roofing sheets are a good option for you, don’t worry. Below, we’ll list a number of benefits that can expect if you choose to opt for this roofing solution:

  • The sheets are largely self-cleaning, requiring little maintenance
  • They are very easy to cut and shape based on your unique requirements
  • They’re super lightweight, easy to handle, and install
  • Each sheet comes with a minimum 10-year warranty (please refer to the description of the specific roofing sheet for more details)

What’s more is that if you do buy your Corotherm roofing sheets from us, we’ll not only make sure to have them delivered to you as soon as possible, but that you’ll get them at a great price too.

Ariel Plastics Corotherm

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