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Chimney Cowls

Chimney Cowls

Generally, chimney cowls are an optional addition to your wood-burning stove. 

If you’re noticing significant downdraught, like smoke filling up your kitchen or living room, it’s recommended to fit a chimney cowl.

Chimney Cowls - What Are They, And Do You Need One?

Chimney Cowls can also be used to protect a chimney from excess water coming down during heavy rains, or reduce the wind noise howling down your stack. If too much water gets inside the flue or flue liner, you’ve got a problem.

They’re also sometimes referred to as ‘Bird Guards’, as birds entering chimneys is a real problem, especially during the Winter months

Typically, cowls are made from aluminium or stainless steel, whereas flue caps are made of the classic clay to match your chimney pot. You can also get cowls made from these durable metal materials with a clay-look finish to seamlessly fit with your existing stack.

At JJ Roofing Supplies we stock cowls from leading brands, such as Colt Cowls, and unbranded standard flue, wire, hooded caps and coiled rotating cowls for every situation. Our prices are competitive and our delivery service is fast.

Improving the Draw Of Your Chimney With A Rotating Cowl

These products are designed to help hot air and fumes be effectively drawn up a flue pipe. It should be noted that not all chimneys will benefit from a rotating cowl feature. They should only be used for flue pipes that have a poor draw to begin with - if attached to a chimney without problems, it can cause excess heat.

Stop Downdraught

The opposite of draw is the downdraught, which happens when strong winds and adverse weather conditions force fumes back down the flue, back into your home. This obviously causes an unpleasant smell, but also poses the risk of actual damage from the toxic fumes. You can browse a selection of Anti Downdraught Cowls right here on JJ Roofing.

Preventing Animals Getting In Your Chimney

There’s nothing more worrying than hearing the scrabble of birds in your chimney. Once they’re in, it’s likely they’ll find a way out. For those birds who are searching for a place to nest, they’ll often choose a house’s chimney because it is warm and safe from outside exposure. Either the bird will eventually become stuck and fall down the chimney (quite unpleasant), or a nesting bird will totally block your chimney. It’s simple to attach a hood or cowl to prevent this from happening. Purchase a chimney bird guard now.

Keep The Weather Out, And The Warmth In

Some chimney flues are more susceptible to the weather than others - depending on the age of your chimney or the quality of the chimney top, you might need to attach a cowl that prevents rain entering the flue system. Generally, a bit of rain in your chimney isn’t a problem, but if you’re starting to notice water regularly it’s safe to install a cowl before the problem spirals out of control (and ends up costing you a lot of money.)

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