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TLX Insulation

TLX Insulation

TLX is a leading UK manufacturer of high-tech and high-performance multifoil insulation, produced in Bolton.

They specialize in insulation for properties where there are strict thermal requirements, which would usually mean using a lot of thermal insulation board, resulting in a loss of roof pace or an altered roofline.

At JJ Roofing Supplies you can purchase a variety of TLX insulation solutions, including breathable felt, breather membrane and the thin multifoil insulation. These products have been used across a variety of different building projects in the last 25 years, including ordinary domestic loft insulation to enormous commercial and business construction projects like the Zaha Hadid Chanel Pavilion.

You can find everything you need right here at market-leading prices and with fast UK delivery. These insulation boards are ideal for an upcoming project and perfect for saving space in tight areas. It should be noted that these thin reflective insulation boards are some of the most advanced in the world.

Types of TLX Insulation

There are a few different types of TLX Insulation available and each is suited to a different type of construction project. Take the breathable membrane, for example, this advanced insulation membrane allows for water release through your loft space while also saving energy and providing an airtight seal.

TLX’s multifoil insulation is quickly becoming the go-to solution for new builds in the UK and has the potential to be added to many older properties as well. Multifoil is a system of insulation composed of layers of foil and wadding. Reflective insulation is designed to reflect a solid 90%+ of all radiant heat from the sun, excellent for energy-saving measures in your home.

Benefits of TLX Insulation Methods

TLX is one of the global-forerunners of advanced reflect insulation products and has been constantly developing new methods and materials for the last 25 years. The company’s products are all BBA certified and LABC registered, with each roll tested in their production facility and meeting strict new environmentally-friendly legislation set out by the UK government.

In terms of actual product usage, TLX’s insulation board, membrane and felt is the go-to choice for new build and property refurbishment in the UK. The thin reflective multifoil insulation takes up little to no space and can open up loft and attic spaces for storage and development. While they are thin and easy-to-install, there is no impact on the effectiveness of the product. They are suitable for energy-saving methods, preventing moisture build-up in roof spaces, and reflecting radiant heat from the sun.

Here at JJ Roofing Supplies we stock the major products of TLX and promise market-leading prices and fast UK delivery. We’re also proud of our customer service - if you have any questions about the products, how to install them or which items are best suited to your product, do drop us a line.

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