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  • Christmas 2023 Holiday Times

    As the festive season approaches, please check out our Holiday Opening and Closing times for your local Branch below.

    Published at: 07-12-2023
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  • How To Clean Roof Tiles?

    A clean and well-maintained roof protects your home from the elements. However, roof tiles can become dirty and stained with moss, algae, and other debris over time. This not only makes your roof look unsightly, but it can also damage the tiles and shorten the lifespan of your roof.

    Published at: 07-12-2023
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  • Hemel Hempstead Launch Day | 21 November 2023

    Hemel Hempstead Launch Day. Tuesday 21 November | One-day-only deals, competitions, prizes, free hot food an exclusive goody bag and more.

    Published at: 07-11-2023
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  • How Many Windows Can I Have In My Extension

    Home extensions are one of the famous projects many homeowners do around the UK. Roof windows have become famous for bringing sunlight into your home extension, creating an inviting and open atmosphere. But how many windows are enough for your extension project?

    Published at: 02-11-2023
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  • How often do roofs need to be replaced in the UK?

    The question of whether your roof needs repairing or replacing is different from one that comes up often. A well-constructed roof will last for decades, but the wear it is subjected to is constant, whether from rain, hail, snow, wind or even debris, and the water damage from a failing roof can cause severe and expensive problems throughout your home.

    Published at: 03-10-2023
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  • Say hello to Hemel

    That's right we're proud to announce that we have a brand new JJ Roofing Supplies Branch coming very soon, in the heart of Hemel Hempstead.

    33 Mark Road
    Hemel Hempstead Industrial Estate
    HP2 7DN

    Published at: 07-09-2023
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  • Do Solar Panels Have a Long Lifespan?

    As environmental concerns are constantly increasing, which generates a demand for sustainable energy solutions, Solar Panels have emerged as the hope to tackle such a situation. Harnessing the power of the sun to create clean and renewable energy, solar panels are a popular choice around the UK.

    Published at: 04-09-2023
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  • The Benefits of Concrete Roof Tiles

    Choosing a type of tile for your roof can be a difficult proposition. There are lots of things to keep in mind, such as any building regulation requirements and the types of roof tile used in the surrounding area. Concrete roof tiles are a popular choice among housing developers and roofing companies who specialise in […]

    Published at: 21-08-2023
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  • Do You Need Planning Permission for a VELUX Window?

    If you dream about letting the sunshine, fresh air, and a unique curb appeal, installing VELUX roof windows is your best option.

    Published at: 09-08-2023
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  • What Are The Advantages of Using Solar Power?

    Solar power is becoming popular at a time when people want more sustainable and renewable energy sources. As we increasingly depend on fossil fuels, it is clear that using the sun's power has many benefits.

    Published at: 24-07-2023
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  • Modernising our fleet

    Our new Mercedes Actros Crane Dropside has landed.

    Published at: 17-07-2023
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  • Different Types of Flat Roof Windows & Domes

    Roof windows can transform dull and dark interiors into vibrant, sun-drenched havens. With their striking design and light-transmitting capabilities, roof windows have become a unique addition.

    Published at: 14-07-2023
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