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VELUX Pitched Roof Smoke Vents

VELUX Pitched Roof Smoke Vents

VELUX pitched roof smoke vents are designed to provide a safe and effective means of smoke and heat ventilation in the event of a fire. 

These smoke vents are intended for commercial and industrial buildings and multi-story residential buildings.

VELUX smoke vents are designed to open in the event of a fire, allowing smoke and heat to escape from the building and giving occupants more time to evacuate. They are available in different sizes and with various control options to suit the specific needs of your structure.

VELUX smoke vents are designed to comply with the latest building codes and regulations, including EN ISO 12101-2, ensuring that they meet the highest standards for fire safety. They are also tested and certified to resist extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain and strong winds.

Smoke vents can be integrated with building management systems, allowing them to be controlled remotely and providing real-time monitoring of the system's status. However, professional installation is recommended to ensure the smoke vents are correctly installed and integrated with the building's fire safety system.

JJ Roofing Supplies also stock a smoke vent control panel. Want to let more sunlight in your room? Check out our vast range of VELUX roof windows and make your space more comfortable and inviting. 

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