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Universal Vents

Universal Vents

Universal Vents are designed and manufactured to fit a range of different roof types and tile styles without sticking out too much.

Low-profile designs and colour matching is the best way to create an aesthetically-pleasing and unobtrusive vent on your pitched roof. Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock universal roof vents from top manufacturers like Klober and Ubbink.

Universal Vents are all-important if you want your roof to survive for years to come. They help to encourage ventilation of ordinary moisture generated in the home from simple tasks like showering or cooking a meal. Moisture rises through the house until the roof space, and, without proper ventilation, can gather and cause condensation and damage.

Different Types of Universal Vents

The best way to create a seamless blend between your existing roof tiles and a newly installed universal vent is to choose a style that colour matches your tiles. This is easy when top manufacturers include a variety of different colour ranges, from slate grey to terracotta.

There are vents available in different materials with the most common being PVC but you will also find aluminium vents, too. Universal Vents are usually suitable for all types of different roofing projects and the material isn’t difficult to decide. PVC Is the go-to choice because it’s cheap, durable and easy to handle.

Universal tile vents, like the products from Klober, feature an internal downpipe which provides effective ventilation. They’re also very easy to install when you are using the correct accessories and fittings which are also available here at JJ Roofing Supplies. To find out more about which style of universal vent might be best suited to your upcoming roofing project, you can always contact our sales team for advice and recommendations.

Benefits of Universal Vents

Universal vents are one of the most aesthetically-pleasing options for roof ventilation. They’re designed to fit inline with existing roof tiles and roof pitch to create a seamless appearance. As well as looking great they’re very effective at creating fast and easy-to-install ventilation systems which can be completed in a day.

Each and every universal vent we stock at JJ Roofing Supplies has been tested for its environmental durability and wind-tunnel tested to make sure it's safe up there on the roof. Each universal vent has a built-in downpipe which allows for direct ventilation into the roof space, as well as the potential for adaptor fittings and flexible pipes for mechanical extraction. These vents are also designed to prevent insects and birds access.

Lastly, all the universal vents you’ll find here are built according to modern Building Standards and all British Manufacturing standards to guarantee a high-quality and durable product.

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