Blind Accessories

Blind Accessories

If you have window blinds at your property that are in a location that’s hard to reach, you might need some additional accessories to operate them. 

At JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock several VELUX blinds accessories. 

VELUX Security Lock

VELUX roof windows can be equipped with a Windows security lock to provide safety and peace of mind. The sash cannot be opened when the lock is enabled, but the window will continue allowing ventilation. 

VELUX Key for Opening Restrictor

Suppose you already have an opening restrictor installed on your VELUX roof window. In that case, this unique VELUX key for opening the restrictor will allow you to release the window for cleaning. With the restrictor in place, the window can still be extended to provide additional ventilation.

VELUX Adapter

VELUX adaptor is an ideal solution for remotely operating interior blinds. Compatible with the VELUX opening rod, this adaptor conveniently enables the opening and closing of blinds, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

Are you looking for VELUX window blinds? Then, check out our store to find what you need for your next roofing project.