ClassicBond EPDM Deck Adhesive

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  • ClassicBond Deck Adhesive
  • For adhesion of Classicbond EPDM roof membrane
  • Must be stored correctly
  • Cannot be used on damp surfaces

ClassicBond EPDM Deck Adhesive

For the best water-based acrylic deck adhesive, look no further than JJ Roofing. Here at JJ Roofing, we stock the industry-renowned ClassicBond EPDM Deck Adhesive which is the perfect choice for adhesion of ClassicBond EPDM roof membranes. Whether you’re installing a new rooftop or refurbishing existing EPDM rubber roofing, this product will not leave you disappointed.

So what is ClassicBond EPDM Deck Adhesive exactly? As mentioned above, it is an acrylic resin based adhesive that has been specially designed to be used with ClassicBond EPDM roof membranes. Its purpose is to adhere these membranes to a range of roofing decks including EPDM rubber roofing systems. It is non-flammable, making it ideally suited for use with torch-on applications.

What makes the ClassicBond EPDM Deck Adhesive truly extraordinary is the way in which it actually gains strength over time. This is compared to other adhesives that weaken as the roof becomes older. It is this feature that makes this adhesive a great choice for flat roofs as it conforms to building regulations. It also ensures a long and reliable service life for any EPDM rubber roofing system.

Designed for the fast and effective bonding of ClassicBond membranes to timber flat roofing substrates, the ClassicBond EPDM Deck Adhesive guarantees outstanding performance. It boasts superior peel strength without any need for solvents which can produce strong odours. The ClassicBond EPDM Deck Adhesive is cream in colour and provides coverage of approximately 3-4m² per litre.

Here at JJ Roofing, we supply the ClassicBond EPDM Deck Adhesive in two sizes – ‘5L’ and ‘15L’ containers. So, whether you’re planning work on a small EPDM rubber roofing system or looking to work on several, you’re sure to have enough deck adhesive to get the job done.

Please note that the ClassicBond EPDM Deck Adhesive has a shelf life of 12 months so long as it is stored at the correct temperature. The correct temperature range for this product is between 5°C and 30°C. Also, it is worth bearing in mind that this adhesive will not adhere correctly to damp surfaces.

You must ensure that the decking is completely dry and clear of any surface debris before applying the ClassicBond EPDM Deck Adhesive. Of course, installation couldn’t be easier making this product ideally suited for both amateurs and professionals alike.

At JJ Roofing, we don’t want to keep you waiting around for your products to arrive. Order the ClassicBond EPDM Deck Adhesive for your EPDM rubber roofing project today, and we will aim to have your items delivered within 2-3 working days.

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