Acrypol + Flat Roofing Repair

What is Acrypol +?

Acrypol + is a brush-applied flat roof repair system. It is a fibre reinforced solution that can be used on industrial, commercial and domestic flat roofs. Acrypol is incredibly effective at sealing cracks in roofs. It is also excellent at sealing tears in felt and fissures in other roofing materials.

Acrypol can be applied in damp weather conditions and boasts excellent adhesion, and it’s also extremely versatile and flexible meaning it can be applied in multiple situations on rough surfaces as shown in the image above.

It can be used on ply, fibreglass, metal, asphalt, felt and even glass.

Acrypol can be easily applied to repair work in wet conditions and provides a seamless finish when installed correctly.

How is repair with Acrypol carried out?

Waterproofing a crack in a flat roof with Acrypol + is incredibly easy.

First remove any dirt from the problem area.

Then simply brush apply one coat of Acrypol to the problem area at least 20cm around the crack.

You then lay a small piece of reinforcement scrim down embed it into the Acrypol + with a brush so it is flat onto the surface.

The last step is to apply another coat of Acrypol + over the scrim, ensuring it is completely covered.

The Acrypol + will repel water as soon as it is applied so the 2-3 day drying time will not affect you at all.

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