Flat Roofing

In the modern age, flat roofs are a highly innovative roofing solution, with quality design and advanced flat roof materials at the forefront. Even after the technological advances, they still remain very affordable and easy to lay.

In fact, if correctly installed in line with the manufacturer’s specifications, flat roofs can provide buildings with more than 20 years of protection from the elements, making them highly cost-effective.

Flat roofs can be constructed from a range of flat roofing materials, the most common of which being GRP (fibreglass) and EPDM Rubber.  From complete kits to individual flat roofing materials, we have a vast array of flat roof supplies in stock.  Whether you’re a building company, roofer or private buyer, you can rely on JJ Roofing for everything that you need to construct a high-quality roof that is comprised of the most exceptional flat roofing materials.

With advances in design, flat roofs can now go beyond their original protective function. With the most exceptional flat roof materials, UK residents can now benefit from flat roofs which can be laid in such a manner that makes them highly resistant to foot traffic, and in many circumstances, can be used to create rooftop patios, walkways and gardens.

Flat roofs no longer need to have a dull, universal finish. So if you’re looking for a natural look, perhaps using riven or pebble promenade tiles, or require specialist non-slip flat roof materials for a walking area, you will find all the elements that you require to meet your specifications here at JJ Roofing. 

We also have a range of coloured flat roof materials available, so investing in a flat roof that matches personal preferences and the surrounding environment of the property in question is perfectly possible.

In addition to roofing materials, we also stock a wide range of accessories, including both closed and opening roof domes, which are modern and stylish solutions to letting in natural light and even ventilation.

Many of the top brands, including Duratech and Velux have designed a range of highly innovative flat roof windows and flat roof materials UK which boast technological features including solar powered rain sensors and schedulable blinds, allowing you to customise your flat roof specifications around your routines and preferences.

If you need any flat roofing materials help or advice about the right flat roofing supplies for your project, why not have a look at our flat roofing guides for more inspiration. Alternatively, give us a ring, and we’ll gladly give you as much advice about flat roof materials as we can. 

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