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Duratech Roof Windows

Duratech Roof Windows

JJ Roofing offers an excellent range of Duratech Roof Windows all of which come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee so you can rest assured knowing that your installation will last for decades to come.

The roof window market has developed rapidly in the past 20 years due to their increasing popularity. It’s easy to see why homeowners are opting for this great feature. The truth is that people are spending more time indoors than ever before in history which makes it important to maximise the intake of natural light and fresh air. A roof window is a cost effective way of achieving this goal in your home that will enable you to enjoy the various health benefits associated with daylight exposure and clean air.

Even though Duratech is a relatively new brand, they have quickly established themselves on the UK market as professional providers of a very high quality product. One of the reasons for Duratech’s increasing popularity is the sheer versatility of its range – their roof windows are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Each product is guaranteed to adhere to building regulations with adequate U-values and ventilation requirements.

All Duratech roof windows have been designed with a sleek Scandinavian feel in mind. This means that the frames are much thinner than those of traditional roof windows. This will allow as much light into the property as possible due to larger glass pane size. The panes themselves are double glazed and filled with argon gas which offers excellent thermal resistance.

Duratech is very environmentally conscious as a company and they’re always looking for ways to help the sustainability of the planet. All the pine that is used in the construction of a Duratech roof window has been sourced from sustainable PEFC certified forests. The wood is a top quality timber that is kiln dried and free of knots. With maximum longevity in mind, the timber is injected with insecticide and fungicide before being coated with an acrylic lacquer.

The finishing touch on these excellent products is the handle. Quarter turning and moulded from zinc, it enables the end user to have two different locking mechanisms one of which will allow for passive ventilation. The handle has been positioned at the bottom of the window instead of at the top where you would normally find it on more traditional products. The reasoning behind this is making the roof window as easy to use as possible.

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