Velux GPL MK08 2068 550x980 White Painted Top Hung Roof Window

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  • GPL CK04 2070
  • White painted pine frame
  • Triple glazed. Laminated Inner, toughened outer pane and rain noise reduction
  • Top hung opening

Velux GPL White Painted Pine Top Hung Roof Window

Bright modern interiors with ample light are more popular now than ever. Velux has become the industry favourite in providing roof windows for homeowners who have decided their property could use more daylight and fresh air. In addition to being a great way to make your living spaces seem bigger and airier, the new Velux GPL top hung roof window with a white painted pine finish will also provide an emergency escape opening if necessary.

The white painted finish of the Velux GPL top hung roof window reflects far more light than a traditional darker surface would and can truly transform your home. Constructed from pine, the frame has been painted white and subsequently triple coated with a clear water based lacquer that protects it from dust, debris, and moisture. This water based finish allows the wood to breathe and the beautiful natural grain to show through while the UV resistant paint preserves it.

Velux have become well known for their great manufacturing standards and the high quality of their top performance source materials. This new Velux GPL top hung roof window is no exception to this. You can expect all of Velux’s excellent features with a fresh finish that makes it the perfect option for new builds, renovated homes, as well as replacing old roof windows. Each component has been painted prior to assembly to ensure a flawless fit.

You will be able to choose between three glazing options when purchasing the new Velux GPL top hung roof window with a white painted pine finish. 

GGL 2068 Glazing – The most suitable choice for homeowners whose top priority is rain noise reduction. A triple glazed window, the 2068 also comes with an Laminated inner and toughened outer pane. U-value 1.1 Watts per square metre Kelvin

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