Velux GGU Centre Pivot White Polyurethane Roof Window

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Product code: 46365c
Product Information: 
  • White Polyurethane
  • Centre Pivot
  • Six glazing options available
  • Laminated inner greater security pane as standard
  • 10 year guarantee
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Please contact our sales team for a competitive quote on:
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The Polyurethane roof window from Velux is designed from quality moulded polyurethane surround; coating a solid timber interior.

It is commonly used due to a striking appearance and reduction in outside noise penetration. It is ideal for rooms suffering from humidity issues including kitchens and bathrooms.

Including a ventilation flap, the window allows for fresh air to flow when open. It is easily installed due to the Velux patented corner brackets that add additional security.

The window offers great style to any property and ensures long term peace of mind.

GGU 0070 Glazing– Standard Greater Security

Previously an optional extra for Velux roof windows, now a standard as of 2016. The greater security glazing is a double glazed window, with a toughened outer pane and a laminated inner pane. The laminated inner pane ensures that if the window does shatter, the glass will not break away from the window itself. The inner lamination also acts as another layer of protection as well as sound reduction.

U-Value 1.3W/m2K

GGU 0060 Glazing– Noise Reduction Glazing

The noise reduction pane has all the features of the 2070 glazing but with an added easy to clean coating which repels dirt and dust and enhanced noise reduction to help reduce noise pollution from rain.

U-Value 1.2W/m2K

GGU 0066 Glazing– Energy Efficiency Glazing

An enhanced energy efficiency coating is applied alongside and anti-dew coating. This has all the benefits of the 2060 pane but is also triple glazed. This is the recommended glazing option for homes due to its excellent U-value.

Please note this glazing has a 7 working day lead time

U-Value 1.0W/m2K

GGU 0062 Glazing– Extra Noise Reduction Glazing

Designed for those living in high noise pollution areas. This window has a triple glazed pane, toughened outer pane, anti-dew coating and further enhanced noise reduction to help with reducing the noise from road traffic or airports. Also boasts an amazing U-value for energy efficiency, a ‘top of the range’ window.

Please note this glazing has a 7 working day lead time

U-Value 0.83W/m2K

GGU 0034 Glazing– Obscure/Bathroom Glazing

The inner pane is opaque and the external pane is toughened. The finishing touch to any bathroom, perfect for extra privacy. allowing ample amounts of light through without the intrusion of neighbours eyes.

U-Value 1.2W/m2K

GGU 0070Q Glazing– Enhanced Security Glazing

All of the benefits of the standard 2070 glazing (laminated inner pane and toughened outer) but with additional stronger build profile and built in extra security lock.

Please note this glazing has an 11 working day lead time

U-Value 1.3W/m2K