Velux GGU Centre Pivot Extension Bundle - Perfect for Kitchens

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Velux GGU Centre Pivot Extension Bundle - Perfect for Kitchens

This fantastic bundle handpicked by the experts at Velux is the most comprehensive kit for your kitchen. Each extension bundle contains the following high quality items.

Velux GGU Centre Pivot Window

These polyurethane roof windows are moulded from top quality surround that coats a timber interior. On top of its visually striking finish, a Velux GGU centre pivot window offers excellent noise reduction properties. A special ventilation flap has been pre-built into the frame which makes this the number one choice for high humidity areas such as kitchens. A patented Velux corner bracket will add an extra level of security on top of style.

Greater Security Glazing – GGU 0070

A standard option since 2016, the additional security comes from a double glazed window, a laminated inner pane and a toughened external pane. The innovative design ensures that if the window should shatter, the glass will not break away from the frame to cause any injuries.

U-value: 1.3 W/m²K


The kitchen extension bundle comes with the highly popular white PAL Venetian blind by Velux. Regardless of the style of your kitchen, these blinds have a classic look that will fit in seamlessly with your décor while ensuring an appropriate level of privacy. The surface can be cleaned with a simple wipe for maximum convenience.

BDX Collar

The number one pick for efficient insulation, the Velux BDX collar will eliminate the thermal bridges between the window and the roof – guaranteed to minimise heat loss.

BFX Collar

The Velux BFX collar makes it easy to keep cold air away from your kitchen area. This is achieved by the tight connection the collar creates between the membrane and the roof. Very simple to install!


Depending on the type of your roof, you will have a choice between two high quality Velux flashing options – the EDW tile and the EDL slate.

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