Soudal Soudatherm Adhesive-Pu 170 5.5kg

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• Yield: +/- 6m² / kg, minimal 3 to 4 beads / m²

• Curing time: 2 – 6h • Ready-to-use, 1 component

• Very high bond strength

• Moisture curing

• No solvents, so fully compatible with EPS

• Safe, no risk of fire • Permanent elasticity, doesn’t become brittle

• Minimal expansion, limited gap filling (Soudatherm Roof 250 and Soudatherm Roof 330 are better solutions for uneven surfaces)

• Ideal solution for mineral wool

• For vertical applications, use Soudatherm Roof 250 or Soudatherm Roof 330

• Avoids the risk of creating cold bridges • No visible interior mechanical fixings when used on steel roof decks

• In insulation bonding, the cost per m² is not influenced by the thickness of the insulation

• Minimal surface temperature +5°C • Minimal product temperature +5°C (for optimal yield and viscosity)

• Open time : max 30 Min (depends on temperature and relative humidity)

• Packaging: 2,2 kg and 5 kg

• Shelf life: 12 months

Soudatherm 170 is a liquid PU adhesive. Commonly used for flat roof insulation. Once applied you'll notice the superior properties it contains, attributes like being solvet free, wind resistance and reduction of health safety risk due to needing any hot works.  

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