Duratech CVX B701 Conservation Roof Window

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  • Black external profiles and black glazing bar
  • RAL 9005
  • Toughened outer pane
  • Ventilation valve

Duratech CVX B701 Conservation Roof Window

Is your property not getting enough daylight? Are you looking for the most cost effective solution to increase the amount of natural light that comes into your home? If that’s the case, then the Duratech CVX B701 Conservation Roof Window is the product you have been waiting for.

Duratech offers a wide range of high quality centre pivoted roof windows. The products in this range have a thinner frame than conventional roof windows which gives them a more elegant look inspired by the sleekness of established Scandinavian designs. This innovative slim profile also allows for more daylight to get into the room. All panes are double glazed and filled with argon gas to give the window excellent thermal transmittance properties and increase energy efficiency.

The Duratech CVX B701 Conservation Roof Window is made from Nordic pine. This timber is of the absolute highest quality, knot free, and kiln dried. All pine used in the manufacturing of Duratech windows is sourced from sustainable forests that are PEFC certified. This is because Duratech believes in aiding with the sustainability of the planet.

To ensure longevity, all timber is injected with insecticide and fungicide for maximum protection. Afterwards, a coat of acrylic water based lacquer is applied. Duratech roof windows are guaranteed to adhere to building regulations providing more than adequate U-values and meeting all the necessary ventilation requirements.

The final innovative touch of the Duratech CVX B701 is the handle which comes with two separate locking positions that will allow for passive ventilation. While roof window handles are conventionally placed at the top in the form of an opening bar, the Duratech handle is positioned on the bottom. This is an intentional choice for ease of use and better access for the daily user. The handle is quarter turning and moulded from zinc.


The Duratech CVX B701 Conservation Roof Window can be used in public buildings, domestic properties, conservation areas as well as old houses and homes that are being renovated. They are very simple to install and are available with an optional underfelt collar. To put your mind at ease, Duratech offers a ten year guarantee on all of their roof windows and the CVX B701 is no exception to this rule.

Even though Duratech is a relatively new brand, they have quickly established themselves in the UK market due to their high quality source materials, innovative product design, and professional attitude and customer service.

Duratech works with VKR Holding to manufacture their roof windows that have now been installed in millions of homes worldwide and are becoming an increasingly popular choice for properties in the United Kingdom.


  • Easy to install
  • Effective for noise reduction
  • Guarantees reduced heat loss in the winter
  • Limits overheating in the summer
  • Modern on the inside, traditional on the outside
  • Pre-protected by fungicide

Technical Specifications

Air Permeability Class 4
Construction 4-16-4H
External Finish Black
Frame Material Pine
Glazing Double Glazed
Glazing Feature Toughened
Guarantee 10 years
Internal Finish Pine
Light Transmittance 0.77
Opening Method Centre Pivot
Operation Manual
Roof Pitch 15° - 90°
Solar Energy Transmittance 0.6
Sound Reduction 32 (-1, -5) dB
Toughened Yes
U-Value (Glass) 1.1 W / m2K
U-Value (Window) 1.4 W / m2K
Ventilation Manual
Water Tightness E1350
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