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Celotex is a market leader that has been around since the 1920s. In its current formation, Celotex is known for offering a variety of heat saving solutions which include a wide range of roof and wall insulations that come in many thicknesses.

With over 90 years of accumulated industry knowledge, Celotex is the insulation specialist of choice due their storied history of product innovation, technical progression and highly competitive price packages.

Celotex got its start in 1925 with offices in the Australia House in The Strand in London. A subsidiary of the American Celotex Corporation, the UK sector established itself as an importer of bagasse fibreboard insulation from the original manufacturing plant in the US state of Louisiana.

  • 1930: Celotex sales in the United Kingdom were sufficiently high to open a manufacturing plant which ended up being located at Stonebridge Park
  • 1937: The Celotex Company of Great Britain firmly established itself and began manufacturing at its new plant
  • 1950s: The continued growth of the company fuelled by post war reconstruction work led to the installation of a new line of insulation boards to meet growing demand
  • 1966: The Stonebridge Park factory was closed
  • 1968: A brand new manufacturing and distribution facility was opened in Hadleigh
  • 1978: An isocyanurate foam ceiling tile is introduced and becomes extremely popular
  • 1980: The manufacture of rigid polyisocyanurate foam commences at the Hadleigh plant
  • 1990s: Celotex Ltd acquires the Sundeala business for £3.2 million
  • 2002: Celotex Ltd moves its head office to Hadleigh
  • 2007: The launch of a new range of thickness boards which earned the company a position as the provider of the thinnest as well as the thickest PIR insulation available on the market
  • 2008: The launch of the Celotex plasterboard laminate PL4000 offering the ideal solution for dry lining applications
  • 2011: Celotex achieves a “best in class” lambda value of 0.021 watts per square Kelvin for their FR range
  • 2012: Celotex is acquired by Saint Gobain, the world leader in the habitat and construction markets

Here at JJ Roofing, one of our bestselling Celotex items is their popular foil board insulation for pitched roofs. A rigid solution that will prevent any heat escaping through the roof, this high performance product will make your installation last for years to come.

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