Racking, Mezzanine and Stock | Update 6 | Southall Store Coming Soon

Store Build Week 4

We’re moving at a pace with our Southall store build. We mentioned last week that our racking had been delivered and that we were expecting a mezzanine floor to be installed by Locators and within a week they have fitted both. Roughly 11 bays of racking 4 stories high and a mezzanine floor that stretches the full width of our warehouse. We’re going to be able to stock so much gear in this store!

Next week our new store manager Adam Ronan will be on site to begin stocking the place and Signstar will begin installing our store signage.

We envisage that the store will be ready to open its doors in early August, fully stocked from the off so that you can come in collect products on the day or have them delivered next day.

Update Video 6

Follow the build

We’ll be taking you through the build of the store step-by-step. You can follow the build on our blog by clicking here. Alternatively, follow the build using the hashtag #JJRSNewStore on our social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

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