Minimizing Hail Storm Damage On Your Roof

What is hail damage and how can I prevent it?

Hail storms don’t always damage roofs instantly, but when a large hail  storm hits, the hail can be powerful enough to dent and make small  impacts in asphalt shingles and guttering. This isn’t enough to cause  immediate structural damage to the roof of your house, but over time, this  can cause serious roof damage. If large pieces of hail strike the roof it can remove granules and loosen  others. Rain then washes away this loosened material over time, exposing  the asphalt layer. The changes in weather then cause the asphalt to dry up  and crack which creates gaps in the roof where rain water can leak in. If left  over long periods of time, this could be a hugely costly repair or even a  replacement of the entire roof.

How do I check if I have hail damage?

To check if you have hail damage, someone has to get up close and  personal with the roof to check the extent of the damage as it is impossible  to do so from the ground. Different sections can then be inspected to  discover whether the hail damage has impacted the roof – and to what  extent. Safety first! We recommend asking a qualified roofer to come and inspect  your roof. A general leaky roof could be due to many different reasons, so  you should never narrow the leak down to one potential problem.  

Be sure to contact a professional contractor you want to check if you have  hail damage, and whether the extent of the damage warrants action being  taken on the roof. This is also a good opportunity to discover whether other  areas of the roof are performing to their optimum capacity, keeping your  home nice and dry. Other areas to check include the soffits, guttering, tiles  and fascias. Navigating a roof can be very difficult and we would not encourage anyone  to inspect the higher areas of their roof due to the potential dangers you  could face. Even professionals injure themselves in this job, so consider this  before taking action in to your own hands.

What to do if I have hail damage? 

If your roof has been damaged by hail, the warranty on the shingles is  voided in most cases. It therefore makes sense to file an insurance claim,  but before you can do this, you need an assessment from a roof  replacement expert. So get on the phone! Once your roof has been assessed by an expert, if they find sufficient  damage has occurred, you can then try to claim this through your home  insurance. But be quick! Insurer’s expect any storm damage claims to be  reported within 48 hours of them happening. Always check with your insurance whether you are liable for cover before  beginning any repairs on your roof, as if you do so later down the line the  money could be coming out of your pocket. In terms of preventing hail  damage, unfortunately… you can’t! The only thing you can do is act quickly  following a hailstorm to find any problems with an easy fix at source… which  could save you huge sums of money in the long run.  

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