Flexim Black Roof Putty

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Flexim Black Roof Putty

Flexim roof putty has been used successfully in the roofing industry for over 30 years as an alternative to mortar. While boasting the same adhesive properties, it is easier to use and more environmentally friendly, as it contains no toxic substances and is produced mainly from linseed oil.

In addition to using it as a building material on new roofs, Flexim Roof Putty can also be applied to repairs and renovation projects, as it is compatible with a wide range of already existing roofing materials.

From ridges to valleys, Flexim Roof Putty is incredibly versatile. It adheres to clay, concrete, fibre, cement and natural slate, all while creating a traditional and attractive finish. Depending on your use of the material, it can cover up to 7 metres of roof. 

If you are looking for a suitable material to construct your valley gutter, look no further than Flexim Roof Putty. Providing an airtight and watertight solution, you can be sure that the roof will be completely damp proof even with torrential flow.

The composition of the putty makes it the perfect choice, no matter how complex the roof design. If you are going to be working on a loft conversion that incorporates roof windows, the airtight and watertight properties of Flexim Roof Putty make it the answer to affixing and supporting tiles along roof window edges.

Flexim Roof Putty is the ideal solution to filling in holes and seams between roof elements, including ridge tiles and chimneys, while its sealant properties make it great for filling in the cracks in lead flashing, preventing flashing from sagging.

The putty can be applied in temperatures from plus 60 to minus 25 degrees, which means you aren’t limited to certain times of the year. What is also good to note is the putty is instantly water proof, which means waiting for dry weather isn’t a necessity.

It is packaged in 10 lightweight strips, which makes application easy and much less time consuming than applying mortar. Because the material is lighter than mortar, it also makes taking the product up to the roof safer.

As one of the leading Flexim Roof Putty suppliers, we stock the product in a range of colours. With the choice of 4 colours, consumers can find a putty that will blend in with their chosen roof tiles and features. If a colour doesn’t quite match, the putty can be painted.

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