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Marley Alutec

Marley Alutec

JJ Roofing is excited to offer a fantastic range from Marley Alutec, the current UK industry leader when it comes to innovative fascia, soffit, coping and rainwater products. Browse our excellent selection of specialist solutions below.

Marley Alutec is well known for their technical expertise – they are involved in every aspect of production from the initial design development throughout the manufacturing process all the way up to the delivery. The company has many years of professional experience – when it comes to the innovative design of roof drainage and eaves, Marley Alutec is a known name.

The products you will find below are a suitable solution for modern building methods as well as traditional ones. Marley Alutec works closely with numerous partners including architects and contractors so you can rest assured knowing that their products are created with the end user in mind – high quality through simplicity.

Marley Alutec’s product quality is famous within the roofing industry and all of the items you will find at JJ Roofing are guaranteed to last for many years to come. The three distinct areas that Marley Alutec specialises in are:

  • Fascia and soffit
  • Outlets for roofs and showers
  • Rainwater systems

All products are made from marine grade aluminium which means that their durability is guaranteed and proven with some solutions lasting 50 years or more. They are also practically maintenance free thanks to the effective utilisation of the very latest in fade-resistant paint technology.

As you can see below, Marley Alutec products come in a wide range of styles and aesthetics so they are suitable for all types of properties. Whether you are after a classic look, a sleek contemporary solution or a traditional appearance, you are sure to find something suitable. The visually appealing cast iron products offer all the performance standards that you would expect from more modern materials.

Marley Alutec is part of the larger Aliaxis enterprise – a multinational group with a presence in more than 40 countries with a well-earned reputation for providing market leading drainage and plumbing systems.

When it comes to performance and durability, you cannot go wrong with the fantastic Marley Alutec products offered by JJ Roofing. Offering you the longest lasting solutions available on the market, these high quality systems are known to last for half a century or more.

You can fit and forget these products as they are basically maintenance free. Sporadic aesthetic cleaning can be carried out periodically – there is no maintenance schedule to adhere to for maximum performance.

The marine grade aluminium that Marley Alutec solutions are made from makes them amazingly resistant to all types of corrosion. This is why they are an especially popular choice in coastal areas as well as urban zones that suffer from heavy pollution.

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