MAD Cowls

MAD Cowls

MAD Cowls – the provider of “problem solving chimney cowls” – was established in 2005. In the past 12 years, they have built a solid reputation as a trustworthy supplier and become one of the biggest brands in the field.

Regardless of which chimney problem you’re struggling with, MAD Cowls offers the most comprehensive range to help you solve it. Fully committed to solving all chimney related issues, MAD Cowls offers technical expertise and industry knowledge that is second to none. This has enabled MAD Cowls to design the most innovative solutions and offer the most aerodynamically shaped products to cement their market dominance.

MAD Cowls manufactures 3 different models of static anti-downdraught chimney cowls – the Senior, the Junior, and the MAD. All models have an aerodynamic shape that will divert directional wind across the top of the chimney to draw the smoke out and preventing downdraughts.

MAD Cowls is also known for their range of bird guards to alleviate the nuisance of birds, small animals, and leaves entering the chimney. Additionally, MAD Cowls offer chimney liner cowls, redundant chimney caps as well as spinning cowls made from a thick aluminium cast base with a stainless steel fin set and shaft assembly.

All MAD Cowls products arrive fully assembled which means they will be ready to fit right away. Each package includes a mesh guard and the appropriate fixing kit. Browse JJ Roofing’s selection below to see which MAD Cowls chimney cowl will be the most suitable option for your roof.

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