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Hargreaves Drainage

Hargreaves Drainage

Due to the increasing popularity of cast iron in the building market, JJ Roofing stocks a huge range of guttering and downpipes manufactured by Hargreaves Foundry Drainage – a leading supplier of these products to the UK industry.

Hargreaves Foundry Drainage are an established company having been iron founders for more than 100 years now. While they still employ methods that are tried and tested, they are still very innovative as a company in order to meet the evolving demands and requirements of the modern market. Based in Halifax, Hargreaves Foundry Drainage is a family operated business that values a direct, honest and friendly approach to customer service and has made a mission out of creating the highest quality cast iron products that are long lasting and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Hargreaves Foundry Drainage reliably services more than 460 clients every single month and is proud to say that some customers have stayed true to them for more than 50 years. This is due to their personal and proactive approach when it comes to customer enquiries.

Cast iron is a suitable option for a large variety of different buildings regardless of their age and original construction style. The look it offers is very traditional and visually pleasing on top of its historic durability. It is the perfect choice for drainage and other ground systems because it will not deflect under heavy loads.

It is an especially appropriate material in areas where pipework may be exposed and thus prone to potential vandalism or accidental damage. This is due to cast iron’s extremely high resistance to impact that will provide the most durable element of practically any building. Cast iron will not warp or even visibly fade from sunlight. The protective primer and specialist coatings of the cast iron supplied by Hargreaves Foundry Drainage will also protect it from more aggressive substances.

Should a fire occur, cast iron won’t contribute to its spread and it won’t allow the flames to transfer by burning away. It possesses great non-combustible properties that will not let it drip, melt or emit any kinds of toxic fumes. Industry experts have called cast iron a “fit and forget” material referring to its minimal maintenance requirements. It’s especially beneficial in buildings where the pipework is hard to access or concealed.

JJ Roofing is happy to offer a wide range of cast iron products by Hargreaves Foundry Drainage. When it comes to establishing which drainage solution is the longest lasting one, cast iron always wins. Installations have been proven to last for more than a hundred years. Considering the fact that cast iron has been effectively utilised since the 15th Century, it also offers the most cost effective long term solution.

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