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Headquartered in Landau in Germany, Einhell are one of the world’s leading brands in creating tools that tradesmen can use on multiple building projects. Check out JJ Roofing’s selection of these excellent multifunctional items below.

Einhell says their company motto is “moving on when the others are just getting there”. Using this philosophy in their operations, Einhell develops and markets high quality products for the DIY handyman as well as the accredited professional. Einhell has enjoyed great success due to their innovative designs and very competitive prices when compared to other suppliers of similar tools.

The company operates all over the world in order to meet the needs of the global market. Einhell believes that besides the great quality, styling is also an important element when creating fresh products which is why all future developments will feature a distinctive design and shape that is truly unique.

Founded in 1964, Einhell initially specialised in the contract manufacturing of transformers, switchgear and construction site distribution boxes. This was how the company first got noticed as the design of these boxes was very innovative using a never before seen three phase reversing switch. The production base expanded quickly from there moving on to battery chargers, welding transformers, tool boxes and cable drums which greatly improved the existing designs on the market and provided more efficient use for the end user.

The expansion didn’t stop there as Einhell realised their expertise in metal fabrication operations made them the perfect fit for creating high quality garden grills. The company has continued to systematically develop and expand their established range of products while also keeping an eye on the market in order to keep up with the ever evolving demands of the modern industry and make modifications where appropriate.

From the Mini Grinder that will give you complete control over any grinding or cutting project to the Multifunctional Tool that can be used for sanding, clearing grout, extracting dust and a variety of blade applications, JJ Roofing is happy to offer you a number of sleek products from this truly innovative manufacturer.

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