Founded in 1977, Decra has been a household name since they introduced the world’s first lightweight roof tile to the market. Decra tiles combine fantastic strength with a low weight, which results in the following benefits:

  • Easy Handling
  • Fast Installation
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Low Maintenance

Decra’s innovative roof tiles consist of a galvanised steel core with a layered protective coating and a granular finish. This combination offers the appearance of traditional clay tiles with superior performance characteristics.

The durability of Decra tiles has been proven and they are perfectly suitable for new builds as well as refurbishment projects. Decra tiles will effectively withstand both extremes of weather, from cold Canadian winters to the humidity of the Maldives.

Launched over 40 years ago, Decra tiles are now manufactured on four different continents and have been sold in 70 countries. More than 12 million square metres of Decra tiles have been installed in the UK and Ireland alone.

On top of their great resistance to adverse weather conditions and extremes of temperature, Decra tiles are also effective at resisting vandalism and forced removal. Decra’s tiles are the first metal tiles to have achieved the coveted CE marking, which means that they are in full compliance with the security requirements laid out by the European Directive for construction products.

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