ClassicBond Flex-R

ClassicBond Flex-R

JJ Roofing is happy to stock ClassicBond – the original EPDM with more than a half-century long track record of durability, sustainability, and high performance.

When you need a rooftop that is truly long lasting and sustainable, then your number one choice should be the ClassicBond EPDM roofing membrane. This advanced option can be cut down to the specific size that is required for your roof.

No other manufacturer can compete with ClassicBond as more than 10 billion square feet of their EPDM membrane have now been sold. It’s a popular roofing choice for many because of its great quality and versatility – it can be used for a host of applications both commercial and residential (including green roofs).

Flex-R was founded over 10 years ago and they have since built up a solid reputation for synthetic single ply EPDM membranes. They have now become one of the largest importers of this material for the United Kingdom as well as Ireland.

EPDM is an environmentally friendly product that has a life expectancy of at least 50 years and an unbeatable track record of high performance. It is built to last offering unmatched weatherability and flexibility. There are also a variety of accessories available for any penetration and detail.

The heat free installation process makes the ClassicBond Flex-R EPDM membrane safer than the traditional alternatives and it will blend seamlessly with its surroundings. It will be suitable for old and new roofing projects and won't disrupt ongoing activities in the building. On top of that, it’s also very lightweight making it easy to manoeuvre and move around.

Browse below to see the full selection we offer from ClassicBond Flex-R. As you can see, we offer a variety of different products from the comprehensive complete EPDM kit to wall trim products that will finish the job in style and guarantee that a professional look is achieved throughout.

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