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Cembrit is one of the leading distributors and manufacturers of fibre cement products in Europe offering a range of durable roofing, façade, indoor and building products.

The products and solutions that Cembrit creates add exciting design opportunities that are suitable for a wide variety of different types of homes. Cembrit is an innovator when it comes to helping people achieve more by using their fibre cement products.

Cembrit believes that the days of chaotic construction sites should be long gone along with traditional manufacturing procedures that create one size fits all solutions. What Cembrit offers is a cost effective digitally managed design and construction flow that has been configured to deliver specified products that are packaged in a customised way to enable a seamless installation process.

Since its inception in the 1930s, Cembrit has wanted to set itself apart making it their mission to make life easier for their customers, colleagues, stakeholders, and partners. Cembrit are an organisation who celebrates manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction. Considering engineering to be a state of mind rather than just a job, Cembrit ensures that every one of their 1100 employees are always willing to go that extra mile when it comes creating first class fibre cement products.

When compared to traditional alternatives, Cembrit boards are exceptionally thin and lightweight due to their meticulously engineered fibre reinforcement. However, this does not sacrifice their durability and resilience to all external conditions and impacts. This remarkable mix of strength and lightness helps architects and designers to completely rethink the equations of what’s actually possible in terms of the outer envelope.

If you’re working on a project that requires combinations of light weight, long lasting resilience and attractive appearance, a Cembrit product should be your number one choice. The unique engineering processes make these products relatively unaffected by everyday impacts and stains associated with standard working and living environments.

Cembrit are very committed to the environmental management of their production facilities always attempting to keep up with the latest developments in sustainable commerce procedures. As a company, Cembrit believes that natural and reusable building materials have a lesser long term environmental impact than manufactured alternatives. This can easily be seen in their portfolio that contains a significant number of natural products.

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