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Associated Lead Mills

Associated Lead Mills

Associated Lead Mills is the leading distributor of rolled lead and ancillary products in the United Kingdom as well as the largest supplier of hard metal. JJ Roofing offers a number of ALM products that will enable you complete your roofing job effectively using high quality materials.

ALM is a one stop supplier for all metals. Hall clips and sealant like the ones we offer below are an integral part of the roofing process. For maintenance and repairs, check out the lead sheet restorer that will protect long lasting protection for years to come.

All ALM lead is manufactured in accordance with British standards and European norms set for the building industry. The ancillary products ALM offers carry the LSA (Lead Sheet Association) approval label and their rolled lead comes with a 50 year manufacturer's warranty.

Lead has a long and varied history having been commonly used for thousands of years. This is because lead is very widespread, easy to extract and easily malleable and smeltable. ALM offers lead in codes between 3 and 8. Lead is more popular than ever in the 21<sup>st</sup> Century. This is because no other metal can compete with its longevity and protection properties when it has been properly installed.

ALM manufactured lead has been used for a large number of different buildings including private homes, churches as well as palaces and cathedrals. They also provide lead bricks to the medical industry that are used with protective radiation shields in X-ray rooms.

You will also be able to buy aluminium and zinc products by ALM from JJ Roofing. Aluminium is the most popular metal when it comes to cladding and external roofing. This is due to its wide availability and cost effectiveness. Aluminium is remarkable for its low density and high corrosion resistance. It is also recyclable and well tolerated by animals and plants (unlike some other metals that are commonly used for similar purposes).

Zinc offered by Associated Lead Mills is also fully recyclable and requires little to no maintenance. Whether you're working on a refurbishment project or an entirely new build, you will find zinc to be a suitable option that blends seamlessly with stone, concrete as well as wood.

To further cement its reputation as the number one metal distributor in the UK, Associated Lead Mills is proud to be part of all of the following associations:

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