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When it comes to space saving insulation technology, the versatility of Actis products is unbeatable. Browse below to see JJ Roofing's Actis selection to see if they can provide a suitable solution for your project. These excellent products are suitable for insulating roofs as well as walls.

You can use Actis products singularly or combined in order to create a comprehensive system. From hybrid reflective insulation to breathable membrane, they come in many different varieties which makes them a perfect choice for a number of different projects where saving space is the number one priority.

An Actis Hybrid System is a range of three products which combine insulation, acoustic performance, vapour permeability, air tightness, reflective properties and moisture resistance. The Hybris is an innovative insulation material that will provide excellent thermal performance for timber frame, pitched roofs, masonry walls or ceiling applications.

The Actis Thin Multifoil Insulation is made up of several layers of reflective film separated by wadding and foam in order to form a thin insulating blanket. Actis Breather Membranes can be installed on the cold side of a building in roofs and walls to protect the insulation from air and water infiltration while enabling water vapour to be evacuated.

Additionally, Actis offers Vapour Control Layers that are installed on the internal side of an existing insulation structure. They will stop water vapour diffusion while also improving the airtightness properties of the building in question.

Founded in 1980 in the South of France, Actis is now the European market leader in the thin multifoil insulation sector. Actis has built a solid reputation for their innovative products and enjoyed a tremendous amount of growth in recent years.

One of the number one preoccupations in the building industry is the reduction of energy consumption. The experts at Actis understand that this plays a primary role in achieving various energy transition targets. Insulation is one of the primary ways of reaching those targets regardless of whether you’re dealing with a new positive energy building, a renovation project or a new build. The versatility of the Actis range guarantees suitability for all project types.

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