GRC Promenade Tiles

GRC Promenade Tiles

Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete or GRC Promenade tiles are artificial tiles that are designed to match the appearance of a natural stone finish. They’re an excellent finishing touch for a roofing project. Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock a variety of different GRC promenade tiles in a range of styles and designs from top manufacturers such as Castle Composites.

Promenade tiles are both functional and aesthetically-pleasing: some tiles are used strictly for decorative touches on flat roofs and other external buildings, whereas others can be used as part of walkways or balconies. The different styles of promenade tiles are designed to be slip-resistant for flat roof walkways, or they might have grooved edges to assist with water run-off.

Whatever you might need a set of Promenade Tiles for, whether it's for repair, replacement or renovation, you’ll find multiple different types of tiles here at excellent competitive prices. We also offer fast 2-3 UK delivery around the country.

GRC Promenade Tiles vs Natural Tiles

GRC Promenade tiles are styled to appear as natural as possible while also providing the flexibility of a man-made product. Manufactured tiles are cheaper, more durable than natural alternatives, and can be much easier to repair in the case of damage. Some Promenade Tiles and Slabs are installed alongside support pads. This means they can be lifted up and easily repaired or replaced.

Another benefit of manufactured GRC tiles is that there is a lot more freedom with the style. Natural slate, concrete and other types of tiles are all great, but if you want something more specific and durable (weather resistant is a big benefit) then an artificial tile is a great choice. These tiles are also very lightweight and have a low-profile - they look great and they’re easy to install on your own.

GRC tiles are also much less likely to crack or become separated from the substrate, a problem that commonly befalls tiles like ceramic. The flexible material that these manufactured promenade tiles are made of means they survive under pressure, changes in temperature, and for consistent foot traffic. Their manufacturers also state that they’re vermin proof, rot, mould and warp proof and boast a long lifespan.

Different Styles of Promenade Tiles

One of the most popular manufacturers of GRC tiles in the UK is Castle Composites. Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock multiple tiles from them, including Striated Promenade Slabs for larger areas and walkways, and tiles that are designed to look like natural slate, to name just two. Eurodec is another leading manufacturer of GRC promenade tiles that has been around for just over a decade.

If you’re having trouble picking between these different types of promenade tiles, you can always send us a message or ask a question online as if you in one of our shops. We’re proud to offer roofing-expertise customer service and great competitive prices on a variety of GRC promenade tiles.

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