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TechnoNICOL Roof Shingles

Enhance your residential roofing with roofing shingles – the preferred construction material for slopes of 12° or greater. 

Offering unparalleled versatility, they're the smart choice for complex or intricate roof designs.

Engineered for durability, TECHNONICOL Corporation's roofing shingles stand the test of time. With their superior resistance to fading, environmental damage, decay, corrosion, and fire, they ensure long-lasting protection for your home. Plus, they excel in extreme temperatures, providing reliable performance year-round.

But it's not just about durability – TECHNONICOL's felt shingles also elevate the aesthetics of your home. Choose from a wide array of original patterns and elegant colours to complement your architectural style and enhance curb appeal. 

Upgrade to TECHNONICOL's roofing shingles for a combination of durability, performance, and style that's second to none.

TechnoNICOL Roof Shingles

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