In order the ensure a roof’s longevity, it’s important to protect it against the elements by using high quality products from accredited industry experts who can prove a track record of excellence. When it comes to waterproofing solutions, you can’t go wrong with Acrypol.

Acrypol offers a range of reliable waterproofing solutions that can be applied to any roofs as well as a number of other surfaces such as walkway coverings. These products are proven to prevent water leakage and provide excellent protection against weather elements. Regardless of whether you need to brush rusty metals, cover leaking balcony floors or coat a bituminous felt roof, an Acrypol product will give your property a long lasting solution.

When it comes to manufacturing cold applied liquid waterproofing and slip resistant coatings, Acrypol is a truly innovative market leader. They are able to offer complete quality assurance for every project because they are backed by their own specialist contractor division.

If you’re working on a refurbishment project and need a cost effective way of repairing a failing roof or damaged walkway to their original standard, then look no further than Acrypol. Depending on the specific product, Acrypol offers manufacturer warranties of 5, 10 or 15 years to put your mind at ease.

Browse below to see the Acrypol products that JJ Roofing has available for your waterproofing needs including the popular Acrypol+ system for waterproofing a roof. The Acrypol+ is a semi liquid paste that can be applied by a simple brush. Once it has dried, it will provide a seamless overlay that is tough and flexible. This durable product can even be applied in adverse weather conditions without compromising its efficiency. You only need to apply one layer for perfect all weather protection.

You can ask anyone who has used an Acrypol product about its quality and they will no doubt confirm its amazing durability and performance. 

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1 Item