Wallbarn Mini Megapad

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Product code: SP-MEG-C
Product Information: 
  • Diameter Of Head: 150mm
  • Diameter Of Base: 150mm
  • Distance Between Lugs: 60mm
  • Lug Height: 15mm
  • Weight Tolerance: 683kg
  • Maximum Load: 1,171kg
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Please contact our sales team for a competitive quote on:
0333 700 1111


Wallbarn Mini Megapad

MINI MEGAPADS are our special smaller height pedestals suitable for suspended paving systems. They were developed as we had received feedback from our customers who required a solution to areas where restricted and very low height thresholds existed but still minor alteration of height was still required to achieve completely flat and seamless finishes.

Wallbarn can offer fully adjustable solutions at extremely low height tolerances. Even as low as 10mm, installers can achieve precise, split millimetre accuracy in the height of the pedestal to accommodate tiny changes in the level.

In 2017 Wallbarn has launched its new ultra mini Megapad. The 10-20mm Mini Megapad has been designed for use when working with very tight spaces. The thread allows 5mm of change to the level with a 5mm extension plate which is fitted to the bottom of the pedestal.

The extension plate increases the pedestal height by 5mm so users can have a 10-15mm or a 15-20mm fully adjustable pedestal for use in these tight spaces.

Special handle grips have been incorporated into the design to help installers fit their fingers into this tight gap and can turn the pedestal to adjust the height. Adjustment can be made whilst the slab is in situ, so delays by constantly lifting the slab to change the height are avoided.

The extended handle at the side allows installers easier access for any final movements.

Wallbarn believes that the 10-20mm is the smallest fully adjustable pedestal on the market in UK.

Two alternatively designed pedestals, the Mini Megapad 22-30mm and Mini Megapad 28-37mm, are available for slightly higher clearances.

The lug fittings on the headpieces act as a straight paving guide, so all slabs will follow a uniform line. The headpieces and baseplates are both 150mm in diameter and will hold the edge of four separate slabs and give adequate support to the paving system. The stems are telescopic, so users can turn the pedestal until it “bites” to the correct height.

Using these Mini-Megapads, rather than fixed height paving pads, avoids the need to have to spend a large amount of time and effort placing shims under fixed height supports trying to gain the optimum level.

This is important since the lowest height thresholds are most commonly found around areas such as doorways and the structure-end of terraces, where pedestrian traffic is most likely to be at its heaviest so level, stable, secure paving is most critical.

These Mini Megapads, being so small, could present a problem to any “fat fingered” installer who might have trouble actually getting their fingers into the cavity to adjust the pedestal.

Wallbarn has a multi-function key. The curved and shaped profile at one end which can be used as a spanner / wrench type tool. It grips around the series of vertical bars between the head and base and can be used to turn the thread up and down.