Velux GPL PK08 S10W06 Top Hung Window, Tile Flashing, Beige Blackout Blind and BDX and BFX Collars

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Velux GPL PK08 S10W06 Top Hung Window, Tile Flashing, Beige Blackout Blind and BDX and BFX Collars

This Velux bundle is an ideal choice for bedrooms. Velux have put together a comprehensive set of high quality items for your convenience. All of the items below will be included with your purchase.

Velux GPL Top Hung Window

If you’ve been looking for a way to make your bedroom more inviting and improve your sleep, then you have found your answer with the Velux GPL top hung window. These roof windows will make the absolute most of your bedroom’s potential. The truth is that many people don’t realise just how much unused space they actually have available to work with.

Regardless of whether you want to utilise our Velux bundle at an older building or a recently renovated one, these windows will blend in with the surroundings perfectly. The sleek black exterior combined with the handy pre-fitted centre bar and classic finish makes this a top choice on the market.

Double glazed, the Velux GPL top hung windows come pre-fitted with a laminated inner pane and a toughened internal one which is excellent for adding security to your bedroom. A recessed installation is also possible for tile and slate roofs. Velux always offers a flawless finish by painting and coating their windows prior to assembly.

If you need to clean your GPL top hung bedroom window, all you have to do is rotate the sash by 180 degrees and slide the barrel bolt into the bushing found at the bottom of the side frame. This simple motion locks the window into place and enables a hassle-free maintenance process.

To put your mind fully at ease when choosing our Velux bedroom bundle, the GPL top hung window comes with a 10-year guarantee. You can rest assured knowing that this fantastic solution will maximise your energy efficiency while offering unbeatable insulation properties.


You will have a choice of beige or white Velux blackout blinds as part of this bedroom bundle. These high quality additions will be effective at maintaining the temperature in the room and improving your sleep.

BDX Collar

A top insulation choice, the Velux BDX collar will eliminate the thermal bridges between your roof structure and the window thereby keeping heat loss to an absolute minimum.

BFX Collar

A Velux BFX collar is a very effective way of keeping cold air access to your bedroom to a minimum by offering a tight connection between the membrane and the roof. A single piece, the Velux BFX collar will be very easy to install around corners, frames and windows.


Our Velux bedroom bundles are available with EDL slate and EDW tile flashing. The EDW flashing kit will create a weathertight seal between the roof and the attaching material – suitable for roof pitches between 15 to 90 degrees on flat or profiled roofing up to 120 millimetres. An EDL kit is guaranteed to maximise your bedroom’s energy efficiency by perfectly integrating into your window and staying weathertight.

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