Velux GGU Solar Integra Centre Pivot White Polyurethane Roof Window

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  • Velux Integra Solar Powered
  • Does not require wiring in to mains
  • Supplied with control panel
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 15-90 degrees

The GGU Solar Integra Roof Window from Velux is suitable for high level, out of reach windows that need to be accessed regularly. They share the same properties as the electrical version but powered by solar panels collecting energy from sunlight.

It offers a dynamic look to any property and comes complete with fully programmed control switch. It offers moderate distance control meaning the mechanism can be opened from the other end of the property.

There are a variety of glazing options available that ensure the perfect blend of noise reduction and energy efficiency.

GGU 007030 Glazing– Standard Greater Security

Previously an optional extra for Velux roof windows, now a standard as of 2016. The greater security glazing is a double glazed window, with a toughened outer pane and a laminated inner pane. The laminated inner pane ensures that if the window does shatter, the glass will not break away from the window itself. The inner lamination also acts as another layer of protection as well as sound reduction.

U-Value 1.3W/m2K

GGU 006030 Glazing– Noise Reduction Glazing

The noise reduction pane has all the features of the 2070 glazing but with an added easy to clean coating which repels dirt and dust and enhanced noise reduction to help reduce noise pollution from rain.

U-Value 1.2W/m2K

GGU 006630 Glazing– Energy Efficiency Glazing

An enhanced energy efficiency coating is applied alongside and anti-dew coating. This has all the benefits of the 2060 pane but is also triple glazed. This is the recommended glazing option for homes due to its excellent U-value.

Please note this glazing has a 7 working day lead time

U-Value 1.0W/m2K

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