Velux GGL Integra Extension Bundle - Perfect for Living and Dining Rooms

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Velux GGL Integra Extension Bundle - Perfect for Living and Dining Rooms

The perfect choice for lounges, living rooms and dining areas, this comprehensive Velux bundle includes all of the following items for a full setup.

Velux GGL Electric Integra Window

An electric roof window is a fantastic way of increasing the intake of natural light in your living or dining room. The Velux GGL electric Integra window comes with an easily programmable control switch that is touch screen operated and very user friendly. You will be able to modify it to match your exact schedule and needs. The pad can be operated from within 20 metres of the window.

You won’t have to worry about constant maintenance when you pick the Velux GGL electric Integra bundle as it requires very little upkeep. To gain access to the window, you just need to rotate the sash by 180 degrees, slide the barrel bolt into the bushing in the side frame and wash it with a standard household product.

A special ventilation flap has been built into the frame that will allow a constant flow of clean air even when you’re asleep, away on holiday or not able to open the window because of bad weather conditions. A dust and insect filter will keep all the air flowing in clean and pure. You won’t have to worry about the safety and security of leaving the window open while you’re away anymore.

This window comes with a 10-year guarantee for your full peace of mind. All electric parts have a guarantee of 3 years. The Velux GGL electric Integra window also carries a ThermoTechnology™ seal confirming that top quality materials were used in the frame’s construction.

If you’re after a modern look for your lounge area or dining room, then the Velux GGL electric Integra window offers a beautiful sleek finish that is sure to brighten up your home. The windows are coated with a water-based lacquer. The white paint will protect it from moisture and dirt which means it’s practically maintenance free. These windows come with the following glazing options.

Security Glazing – GGL 207021U

For homeowners whose main concern is safety, the 207021U will be an excellent choice as it benefits from a double glazed window, a toughened outer pane as well as a laminated inner pane. The innovative inner pane is built in a manner similar to a windshield – even if the window should shatter, the glass will not break away from the frame to cause any injury. Besides the excellent safety properties, it offers great noise reduction.

U-value: 1.3 W/m²K


Customers ordering this bundle will have the choice between a white and a beige electric pleated Velux blind. These FML blinds are highly versatile options that are guaranteed to add an attractive look to your window.

BDX Collar

A Velux BDX collar is the ultimate option when it comes to insulation because it eliminates the thermal bridges between the window and the roof to minimise heat loss.

BFX Collar

When it comes to keeping cold air away from your living or dining room, there is no better product that the Velux BFX collar. This easy-to-install option creates a strong connection between the roof and the membrane.


People purchasing this Velux bundle for dining and living rooms can either pick the EDW flashing for tile roofs or the EDL option for slate ones.