Velux GGL Centre Pivot Loft Bundle

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Please contact our sales team for a competitive quote on:
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Velux GGL Centre Pivot Loft Bundle

JJ Roofing is happy to offer this fantastic Velux bundle that will be perfectly suited for bedrooms. Each bundle contains the following items.

Velux GGL Centre Pivot Window

What bedroom couldn’t benefit from an added level of daylight and clean air? You will be amazed to see how an increase in natural light intake can transform your bedroom, making it much more airy and pleasant to relax and sleep in. Installing a high quality roof window is the ideal solution to gain access to some untapped potential in your property.

The Velux GGL centre pivot window has a toughened outer pane and a laminated inner pane guaranteeing a high level of security.

You won’t have to worry about constant maintenance with the Velux GGL centre pivot window. All you need to do to clean it is rotate the sash by 180 degrees and slide the barrel bolt into the bottom of the side frame. This simple process locks the window into place and allows you access for an easy cleaning process.

Velux is well-known for their high quality products. A Velux GGL centre pivot window will greatly increase your property’s energy efficiency. For your full peace of mind, this window comes with a 10-year guarantee.


Customers will have a choice between white or beige Velux blackout blinds, guaranteed to efficiently maintain the room’s temperature and help you get a good night’s sleep.

BDX Collar

The ultimate choice for insulation, the Velux BDX collar will reduce heat loss by eliminating the thermal bridges between your window and roof structure.

BFX Collar

Offering a strong connection between the roof window and membrane, the Velux BFX collar will reduce harsh weather penetration as well as cold air access to your property. The collar is supplied in a single piece to ensure a simple installation around windows, frames and corners.


When you purchase our Velux bedroom loft bundle, you will have two flashing options to choose from – the Velux EDW tile or EDL slate flashing.

The EDW kit will provide a tight seal between the attaching material and the roof. Designed for installing flashing to roof windows on flat or profiled roofing up to 120 mm, it can be used on roof pitches between 15 and 90 degrees.

The EDL flashing kit by Velux will maximise energy efficiency. They are specifically designed to integrate to your roof window perfectly and ensure that it remains completely weathertight at all times.