TLX Gold Multifoil Insulating Breather Membrane 1.2m X 10m 33mm

£143.52 ex. VAT
  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Upgrades existing insulation and replaces underlay
  • 33mm thick, 7-layer composite structure
  • Clean and easy to use, no requirement for protective clothing
  • 1.2 x 10m roll

TLX Gold Multifoil Insulating Breather Membrane 1.2m X 10m 33mm

Welcome to TLX Gold, the fully BBA certified 2-in-1 Insulating Breather Membrane. In just a few steps this unique product improves the thermal value of your roof without a risk of condensation and with little or no change to the roof height.

TLX Gold has been designed for today’s roofer. Whether it’s a roof refurbishment or new build project it improves thermal performance and eliminates the risk of condensation, it vents moisture like a breather membrane and yet insulates like non-breathable PIR board. TLX Gold is Sd intelligent (the more moisture present, the more it breathes) which is why there’s no condensation risk, even without a vapour barrier.

TLX Gold has now been used in over 25,000 roofs in the UK and is fully BBA certified and endorsed by the LABC.

TLX Gold comes with a product performance guarantee, is fast to fit, and many solutions do not need to remove existing insulation. We will provide you with solutions that have a guaranteed U-value, condensation risk and an estimate of payback calculations.

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