SSQ Del Carmen First Natural Spanish Roof Slate

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  • Slate from the Del Carmen quarry in the Cabrera mountains of Spain
  • Compliant with BS EN 12326 standard
  • Barcode traceability
  • Blue-black colour
  • Guaranteed for 100 years

When it comes to finding high quality roof tiles, you can’t get any better than SSQ Del Carmen Natural Slate; you only have to google ‘Del Carmen Slate reviews’ to see just how much architects and industry professionals rate it.

The slate originates from the Del Carmen quarry in Spain, which is situated in the Cabrera Mountains in the North West region. Coming from an uninterrupted seam of superior quality stone, Del Carmen slate has a strong uniform appearance that cannot, and never is, substituted with inferior slate from another seam or quarry.

It is distinguished by its faintly rippled riven texture, deep blue-black colour and characteristic longitudinal grain – these qualities have made it one of the most sought after tiles in the world. In fact, Del Carmen Slate is trusted by English Heritage and Historic Scotland as an alternative to indigenous materials; and it has even been used in restoration projects on Buckingham Palace and the British Museum.

In addition to its attractive appearance, the natural composition of the slate gives the roofing material many other qualities. Thanks to its low water absorption, the slate is very resistant to the freeze thaw cycle and salt exposure. This means it is well suited to both cold and coastal areas. 

It is also resistant to acid, making it almost impervious to atmospheric pollutants. It does not fade in sunlight and is a popular choice in well-known holiday destinations including Turkey and as far out as the Caribbean.

Furthermore, deleterious minerals are virtually absent from Del Carmen Natural Slate. This means that there are no natural mineral elements in the slate that can oxidise or convert, which can weaken the composition of the rock – no wonder there are so many positive Del Carmen Slate reviews.

Because of its extreme durability, Del Carmen Natural Slate is guaranteed for 100 years and will outlive the natural life of your property. In addition to its guarantee, the slate has been rigorously tested, and is fully compliant with BS EN12326 standards and even has barcode traceability.

At JJ Roofing, we stock two tile sizes. These are:

500mm x 250mm

500mm x 375mm

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